The Creed

The Creed has been formed. An eternal seal representing the might of the Alliance formed by the dedicated elite in the World of Warcraft.


Welcome from Jarl!

Howdy everyone! We're growing! Glad to see we're at 26 members as of today. One thing that is REALLY important is that we RECRUIT! There's a reason you have permission to send Guild Invites. Anyone as low as Padawan (I believe, if not then Journeyman) can recruit! Please recruit. Ok I'm done with that! =)

Well as soon as we can we will be attacking an undisclosed Horde outpost/village. Other than numbers, our guild is doing spectacular! Let's keep it up! Well right now I'm heading over to ProBoards (I'll regret it =P) to set up a forum for now. Hope to see ya ALL there!



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