The Creed

The Creed has been formed. An eternal seal representing the might of the Alliance formed by the dedicated elite in the World of Warcraft.


Guild Resources

Here are a list of resources that may prove useful for everyone in the clan.


  • An excellent database, including almost every player and item found on the servers to date. Contains TONS of valuable information.
  • Another excellent resource for all things quest, item, and class related. If you're stuck somewhere on a quest or can't find something here would be an excellent place to start looking.

  • This program is a MUST have for all guild members! It has many excellent features such as map notes, extra skill tabs, an alarm clock, and much, much more!
Profession Information
  • This is a collection of PDF files which outline and give tips on professions in WoW.
  • The unofficial .net counterpart of World of Warcraft, this site contains lots of valuable information such as cartography and strategies.
World of Warcraft Official Forums
  • All the official news, and a place to post just about everything. This is a part of the official site. Note - you must login with your WoW account name (not character names) to be able to post! It will ask you which character you would like to post as after entering you're account name and password first.


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