The Creed

The Creed has been formed. An eternal seal representing the might of the Alliance formed by the dedicated elite in the World of Warcraft.


Gorefoot's Tabard

Hey everyone, just thought I'd model my idea for our Tabards.

My Tabard

My Second Tabard

My Third Tabard (border and icon change)

My Fourth Tabard (border change)

Josh's White/Red Tabard

Josh's Gold/Red/White Tabard


Blogger RedDemon said...

Let everyone know that there are currently 5 diff styles of Tabards being Fashioned now... If everyone would vote for one, or design your own we can get the ball rolling and get it made. Other 3 are on Jarl's post. I think we are getting very close to coming up with the money to get this done.... Sitting at about 7G roughly I think.... Just to add -- Great Job everyone is doing!!!!

December 3, 2004 at 4:23 AM  

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