The Creed

The Creed has been formed. An eternal seal representing the might of the Alliance formed by the dedicated elite in the World of Warcraft.


Our First Guild Mount

Congratulations to Stormwalker, who is our first guild member to reach level 40 and purchase a mount! Quite the astonishing task, but he's done it! I've placed two screenshots in our photo album of him on his amazing mount. Good job Stormwalker!


Woohoo, an update!

Well last night was a blast, we had an interesting joint-raid along with another group of players, as well we took our movie-scene screenshots! I posted them in the photoalbum, however, we're going to need a US resident to submit them to the contest (Damn me being Canadian and all...). If you're from the US and woul be kind enough to submit them to the contest for us, drop me a line and I'll send you the high resolution ones. I also added another resource link, Allakhazam, which many people have been asking for.

See you in Azeroth!


Movie Scene Screenshot Contest!

Be @ the SW bank @ 10 PM CST!!!


New Pictures

The Creed


We have our tabards! And they are fantastic ;). You can take a look at the photo album, there are a couple 'models' wearing them, feel free to browse! Also please remember that the guild resources section is there for a reason, be sure to grab Cosmos, it's great for soloing as well as grouping! Be sure to start taking group screenshots suitable for the Blizzard site, they are looking for group photos with comedy! Maybe we can make screenshot of the day ;). The Tabards are wonderful and a special thanks goes to everyone who donated.

Thanks guys!



Gorefoot's Tabard

Hey everyone, just thought I'd model my idea for our Tabards.

My Tabard

My Second Tabard

My Third Tabard (border and icon change)

My Fourth Tabard (border change)

Josh's White/Red Tabard

Josh's Gold/Red/White Tabard

Mwah modeling my tabard!


Stormwalker's First Tabard

Stormwalker's second



Welcome from Jarl!

Howdy everyone! We're growing! Glad to see we're at 26 members as of today. One thing that is REALLY important is that we RECRUIT! There's a reason you have permission to send Guild Invites. Anyone as low as Padawan (I believe, if not then Journeyman) can recruit! Please recruit. Ok I'm done with that! =)

Well as soon as we can we will be attacking an undisclosed Horde outpost/village. Other than numbers, our guild is doing spectacular! Let's keep it up! Well right now I'm heading over to ProBoards (I'll regret it =P) to set up a forum for now. Hope to see ya ALL there!



Guild Resources

Here are a list of resources that may prove useful for everyone in the clan.


  • An excellent database, including almost every player and item found on the servers to date. Contains TONS of valuable information.
  • Another excellent resource for all things quest, item, and class related. If you're stuck somewhere on a quest or can't find something here would be an excellent place to start looking.

  • This program is a MUST have for all guild members! It has many excellent features such as map notes, extra skill tabs, an alarm clock, and much, much more!
Profession Information
  • This is a collection of PDF files which outline and give tips on professions in WoW.
  • The unofficial .net counterpart of World of Warcraft, this site contains lots of valuable information such as cartography and strategies.
World of Warcraft Official Forums
  • All the official news, and a place to post just about everything. This is a part of the official site. Note - you must login with your WoW account name (not character names) to be able to post! It will ask you which character you would like to post as after entering you're account name and password first.

Tabard Funds and a Screenshot

Here's an update for you guys!

Our current Guild Tabard fund is running at around 2.5 gold. That's about 1/4 of the way there ;). However, that isn't including a donation from myself, or Reddemon, so chances are when it gets to about 6-7 we'll be able to top it up and complete it. We also have a new screenshot submitted by Reddemon, and a new updater, Jarl. I'm allowing comments to be made on these posts now, so that anyone can put their 2c in.